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Why Teddy?

The perfect recipe...

A delightful blend of Short Term Lets and Short Stay Hosting

... and it tastes so good! 


Charlie Syson

Charlie Syson


Our story

The story of Teddy began in a first floor Victorian conversion flat in Battersea, London.
Charlie and his partner had just discovered the wonderful news that they were about to welcome a baby girl into the world.

But... they lived in a little one bedroom apartment (which they shared with their sausage dog, Beans). 
They knew they needed to upsize and decided to rent out their property to help pay for their onward move. 

Charlie has a decade of experience working in the London property market so decided to follow the well trodden path of a traditional long term let and accepted an offer of £1840 pcm. 

However, feeling brave, at the very last minute Charlie pulled out.

With the rise in demand for short term accommodation and the introduction of many Airbnb hosting companies entering the market, Charlie decided to take a punt.

The plan was to Short Let the property on 1-5 month contracts and then to fill any void periods with Airbnb.

The result was an average monthly rental income of £3000 and little to no void periods

And thus Teddy was born.

The Teddy Method has now been replicated for many happy landlords all over London.


Our raison d'etre


  1. To maximise rental yields. 

  2. To provide hassle free management solutions 

Try our income calculator

The Teddy Calculator
Potential annual income based on The Teddy Method at 70% occupancy.

Radically increase rental income.

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