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Teddy Brokerage

Designed for agents.

Why Teddy?

1. Attractive commission split

80% / 20% split on Buying, Sales & Lettings revenue.

(No split on revenue generated via Airbnb).

2. Low annual cap

Cap at £100k revenue. 


Once you hit this milestone you will receive 100% of the revenue you generate.

3. Own your clients

Build a tangible business, your clients are yours. 


Should you ever decide to leave Teddy, you can take all of your clients and your lettings book with you.  

Lettings books are very valuable.  In London they are valued at 1.6 - 1.7x revenue.  EG at £20k pcm / £240k p.a. your book is worth c. £380-£400k.

(Not including sales).

4. Revenue share

Build passive income with a generous five tier revenue share.

Create indefinite passive income via revenue share.  When you look to retire, or focus on another project you will still have a lucrative income source. 

Should you wish to diversify your earnings, Teddy offers a very lucrative revenue share model.

Every agent you introduce to Teddy will go into your "Tier 1", you will earn 3% commission on all revenue they generate up until cap (maximum earning per introduced broker £3000). 

This revenue split is paid from Teddy's share of the split.

Any brokers recruited by your "Tier 1" brokers will become "Tier 2" brokers on your revenue share, brokers recruited via your "Tier 2" will become "Tier 3" brokers on your revenue share, and so on until maxing out at Tier 5. 

In order to earn from your revenue share you will need a certain number of "qualifying agent" in your Tier 1.  A qualifying agent is a broker who has generated at least £5000 in revenue in the last rolling 12 months. 

The above table demonstrates that if you introduced 10 brokers into your Tier 1, and those 10 brokers all introduced 1 broker each, whom also all introduced 1 broker each, you would have a total of 30 brokers in your revenue share.


If they all capped you would receive £90,000 in revenue share PA.  Making this a very lucrative income stream. 

Revenue share is paid indefinitely.

This model allows Teddy to operate on a more generous split in favour to its brokers, it also means that revenue is paid back directly to the brokers and not to external recruiters. 

5. Low running costs

Broker fee £125 per month.  

Operate your business with low monthly outgoings, making Teddy Brokerage a very high margin business. 

  • Rightmove & Zoopla.

  • Office coordinator for admin help (sending TOB / ID checks etc).

  • Moneypenny 020 number, all calls answered and applicants registered.

  • Office address in prestigious Battersea Power Station - Send & receive post/meet clients etc. 

  • Rex CRM.

  • Teddy email.

  • Social media & video tours done for you. 

  • Teddy branding / business cards / canvassing / social media.

  • Unlimited training - we only succeed if you succeed. 

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